Canadian singer/songwriter, Keisja Cox has always shown an innate musicality, expressing her love for music even in her earliest childhood. At the age of 10, Keisja was among the winners of Valley Idol Season 3, a talent competition held in her local town of Courtenay, BC. Included in her prize was an opportunity to showcase her talent at VIMBC, a music business conference that introduced Keisja to other artists, music industry panelists, and those who have made music their career.

This incredible opportunity helped Keisja to see many different aspects of songwriting, the music industry, and get feedback on her songs from Bill Henderson, Ralph Murphy and Dan Hill to name a few, (she has attended 4 VIMBC’s now and has impressed and inspired Dan Hill, Ryan Guldemond and many other music industry professionals !)

Keisja’s songwriting draws from her own experiences. She was having a rough go with a couple of kids at her school, and wrote a song about being bullied called “You cant change me”. Upon hearing the song the principal of the school (Mr. Green) suggested she write a song about using the W.I.T.S. program model on how to deal with bullies, as she was having to rely on it herself heavily at that time. She took the challenge! At the very young age of 12 years old she co-wrote The WITS song with Susie McGregor (which raises awareness of the W.I.T.S. program,) an anti-bullying song with a message of strength and empathy.

Fast forward to 2016 now seventeen years old her original songs and music has evolved to be raw, acoustic and full of emotion. The lyrics within her songs portray meaningful messages everyone can relate to. Keisja’s live show is intimate, engaging and creates a “coffee shop” atmosphere. There is a feeling of wholesomeness to not only Keisja’s music, but to herself as well.

Her passion for music guides her to constantly explore and expand musically. She has a smooth and pure sound that resonates in the songs she writes. Her songs have been and continue to be recognized. Amongst many accomplishments at such a young age she was the winner of the Great Canadian Song Race at the age of fifteen years old.

The future is very bright and exciting for this young artist!